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Aleksey Igudesman:1001 Strings of the World

Music is fun. Music is life. Music is love.

In this spirit, ESTA Italy and I, Aleksey Igudesman, would love to invite all the string players, no matter what level they are, to participate in an utterly unique event where we will celebrate string music from around the world in the main town square of Cremona, the home of Stradivarius and many other great violin makers.

I have composed and arranged a series of spirited, inspired and inspiring music, at times slow and soulful, at other times fast and frivolous, from Scotland The Brave to Jewish Klezmer songs and the sensual Salsa de la Luna.
The program is full of diversity and love for different cultures around the world.

Do not worry, if you feel that there are any numbers you are not able to learn in time. You can take a well-deserved break and enjoy the beautiful music around you.
Not every participant or participating ensemble has to be in each and every number. You choose.

Almost all the numbers I have arranged for junior ensemble make generous use of open strings and are playable in first position throughout.
For more advanced ensembles there are parts with occasional double stops, which can also be played divisi.
They all work together in any combination. That means each person can choose the part and level of difficulty with which they feel most comfortable.
If there are parts that are in any way uncomfortable or not playable, simply leave them out and just enjoy the music that surrounds you. Listening is perhaps the most essential part of any musicians’ life.

You will find the sheet music kindly provided to you by my generous publisher Universal Edition - they are generating a link where you can simply download the PDF files from online.

Music stands will not be part of the event, so learning the music by heart will be a fun challenge.
Again, do not worry, you will not be alone. You will be able to hang on to many other wonderful players around you.

We will also celebrate our sponsor, the great string maker Thomastik-Infeld and the 100th anniversary of the founding of his company by playing a very special piece of mine: Happy Vivaldi – or 4 Seasons in 4 minutes.

Before we perform my own rendition of Auld Lang Syne as an encore, as a final number we will play the traditional Morrisons Jig, during which you will all be invited to play and dance at the same time.
This will be fun and not as hard as it sounds, you will see. Here is a video to learn the choreography in your own time:

The spirit of this unique afternoon will be to experience the joy of music in the largest ensemble we all may ever be able to be part of. It will also enable us to share music from around the globe that will bring us all closer to each other and the world as a whole.

Join us for an unforgettable music feast!
Aleksey Igudesman

1Scotland the Brave SV2CELTIC - SCOTLAND
2Funk the String + encore4FASTEN SEAT BELTS
3La Cucaracha SV3LATIN - MEXICO
5Turkish Smiles SV3MILES - TURKEY
6Dancing with the Rabbi SV2KLEZMER - ISREAL
7Kasach Song - Dunya Ay SV2ASIA - KASACHSTAN
8Hear no Evil SV3ASIA - JAPAN
9Salsa de la Luna SV3LATIN - CUBA
10Twinkle Twinkle You Big Star SV3MOZART - AUSTRIA
11Los Dos PhilLipinos3ASIA - PHILLIPENES
12Happy Vivali for SV4ITALY
14Rumba de Mumbai SV5LATIN - INDIA/CUBA
15Morrison's Jig SV2CELTIC - IRELAND
....... ENCORE.......
....... 47 Minutes without talking and applause.

Ca 60 minutes all in.

A travel through Scotland, Mexico, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Kasachstan, Japan, Cuba, Austria, Phillipenes, Italy, America, Ireland and India.


1Scotland the Brave SV2CELTIC - SCOTLAND

In this number we may all move around – perhaps we can get into position while playing. The first two bars get repeated.
Upon a sign from Igudesman, we will play on.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

2Funk the String + encore4FASTEN SEAT BELTS

A number for solo violin performed by Igudesman without ensemble.
No sheet music provided.

3La Cucaracha SV3LATIN - MEXICO

This number is for an advanced ensemble.
Only for the strongest players please.


A slow number which has some tricky bar number changes.
Great for counting and listening practice.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

5Turkish Smiles SV3MILES - TURKEY

A fun rhythmic number. Please practice with metronome.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

6Dancing with the Rabbi SV2KLEZMER - ISREAL

A Jewish dance number that gets faster towards the end.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

7Kasach Song - Dunya Ay SV2ASIA - KASACHSTAN

A simple, yet pretty and fast song from Kasachstan.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

8Hear no Evil SV3ASIA - JAPAN

This piece has some solo parts which will be performed by Igudesman. During practice and your own rehearsals you can have someone take over that part.
The second violin part is a five note pattern repeated over and over again. The double stop parts can be divided.
Both advanced and easy play from the same part.

9Salsa de la Luna SV3LATIN - CUBA

It’s time to learn some Salsa! Please practice this number with metronome. It has to be extremely precise. Rhythmically.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

10Twinkle Twinkle You Big Star SV3MOZART - AUSTRIA

This is only for advanced violinist. We may divide this in some solo parts for a few individuals but I encourage you all to learn it. NOT for beginners.

11Los Dos PhilLipinos3ASIA - PHILLIPENES

A piece with Asian and Spanish influences. Can be practiced with metronome.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

12Happy Vivali for SV4ITALY

A celebration of Thomastik Infelds 100 years.
This piece is for a double orchestra, so the advanced can also take the lower parts in practice or performance.
Although the (b) parts are a bit easier, anyone can take any part they like.


A number WITHOUT the ensemble – only with soloists.
No sheet music provided.

14Rumba de Mumbai SV5LATIN - INDIA/CUBA

A number for mostly advanced players, although the viola players, celli and basses appear to have an easier part.
Please practice with metronome.
1st and 2nd violins are mostly for the soloists, the advanced players can still practice the solo parts.

15Morrison's Jig SV2CELTIC - IRELAND

This number will include a dancing choreography.
Enjoy it and have fun – it does not have tob e note perfect.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

....... ENCORE.......

This is a last encore before we celebrate together.
Advanced and Easy parts available.

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